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WebEasy Professional 10

Facts about the new WebEasy Professional 10

1. What is WebEasy? WebEasy Professional is the best HTML Editor Software tool for building web sites for desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones. Web Easy is the most powerful web site building and editing software and easy to use for beginners. You own WebEasy rather than pay a monthly licensing fee which is a tremendous cost savings over the lifetime of a website; and you can build as many sites and pages as you want. You are not locked in.

2. Can you use affiliate marketing banner ads with WebEasy Professional? Yes, all you have to do is paste the banner ad code on the page and click save.

3. Is there free graphic design clip art with WebEasy Professional? Yes, WebEasy Professional has over 50,000 free clip, stock photography, illustrations, sound clips and spot art included with purchase of Web Easy.

4. What is the latest version of WebEasy Professional? The latest version is WebEasy Professional 10. The previous Versions 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of WebEasy Professional are no longer available. It is advised not to old copies of out dated WebEasy 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 because it has been reported that many browsers do not support them and websites do not display properly. Only buy WebEasy Professional 10 - the latest version.

5. Is there a free trial version of WebEasy Professional software? From time to time there is a WebEasy Free Trial Download at Avanquest. Warning: Beware of websites other than Avanquest offering free trial downloads of Web Easy. They offer older or shorter versions of WebEasy that do not include the new features and website templates of version 10; plus there is no free tech support. Malware is offen attached to their downloads which will infect your computer and privacy settings. The older WebEasy versions (any versions below version 10) are also not compatible with the Internet. After the trial period these download websites may charge your credit card for the full retail price. You need to check the Avanquest Software website to see if there is a free trial download at this time which includes help and free support for Web Easy Trials; or buy WebEasy now at the discounted price and if not satisfied get a full 100% refund within 60 days.

6. How many web sites can I build with WebEasy 10? You can build an unlimited number of websites with unlimited number of pages, which is one of the best reasons to buy WebEasy. Most other programs only allow you to build one website only.

7. Do I need to purchase FTP software to upload WebEasy files? No need to purchase FTP software, you upload files directly to the Internet from within WebEasy Professional control panel with one simple click. You can also use your own FTP software. The choice is yours.

8. Can I build affiliate marketing websites with WebEasy? Yes, most definitely. All you need to do is drop in your affiliate banner and/or text link code provided by affiliate publishing providers.

9. Who makes WebEasy Professional? WebEasy Professional is by Avanquest Software.

10. What does the Web Hosting Plans Include? The WebEasy Hosting Plans are only a few dollars per month (first 3 months are free) and include the following: 24/7 Live Customer Support Free Domain Name for Life and Free Web Hosting Offer Free Online Store Unlimited Disc Space Unlimited Hosting Unlimited E-mail 99.9% Site Uptime 90 Day Money Back Guarantee $5.95 after the first 3 months free hosting offer. Can WebEasy use any hosting provider or do I have to use WebEasy Hosting? Yes, it is compatible with all website hosting providers, you can chose whoever you want to host your website. The added value with WebEasy Hosting is WebEasy tech support team has extensive experience with WebEasy and guarantee free support.

11. Is WebEasy 10 compatible with Windows 8? Yes, WebEasy Professional 10 is now compatible with Windows 8. You just need to download the upgrade. No issues reported.

12. What are the System Requirements for WebEasy? System Requirements: Version: 10.0 Size: 107.6 MB Platform: Windows XP Windows Vista (32-bit/64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit/64-bit) 150 MB free disk space Internet connection

13. Can You Add "Google" Information to a WebEasy Professional Site? Yes you can add Google Information to a WebEasy site. WebEasy includes widgets to add a Google Maps object to show a specific location or to add your Google Calendar to your website. You can also see statistics from Google Analytics which is highly recommended as the best SEO tool out here, and is free.

14. Can You Embed Videos Such as Youtube Videos in a WebEasy site? Yes, you can embed videos such as Youtube videos in a WebEasy site. Web Easy has a set of WebWidgets that you can use to embed videos from online video-sharing sites or social media sites like Youtube where you have videos. It's simple and takes a minute to do.

15. Is WebEasy Professional for Mac available yet? No, WebEasy 10 for Mac is not available at this time.

16. What is the latest version of WebEasy Professional? The latest version is WebEasy Professional 10 (buy the version here for the latest edition guaranteed).

17. Who is VCOM? VCOM is the software developer division of Avanquest. Vcom now only sells System Suite 15 Utilities, Fix-It 15 Utilities, Perfect Image, Partition Commander and Fix-It Driver Repairs. Avanquest sells WebEasy 10.

18. Can I import an existing website into WebEasy? Yes, it is simple. Just click on the "Import Website" icon and WebEasy automatically downloads it from your computer. WebEasy 10 can be used to enhance a website not created by WebEasy. You can also import older versions of WebEasy such as WebEasy 6, 7, 8 and 9; and other html authoring programs such as Microsoft FrontPage

19. Does WebEasy have a Media Gallery? Yes, WebEasy has a robust Media Gallery with many features and controls.

20. Is there a monthly fee for WebEasy Software? No, there are no monthly fees to use WebEasy Professional Software - you own it outright after purchase. Use WebEasy for free as many times as you want and for as many different websites you want for no additional costs for Web Easy. Enjoy your freedom to publish on the Internet!

21. Can I use WebEasy using free website templates off the Internet; or am I limited to only using the website templates that come with Web Easy? Yes, you can use WebEasy using free website templates off the Internet. You just open the template in WebEasy like you would with a Web Easy provided template.

22. Is there a help manual or tutorial guide for WebEasy? Yes, there are both a help manual and many tutorial guides that come along with your WebEasy.

23. Can I create and host my own Pod Casts in WebEasy? Yes, you can create Podcasts for music, videos, news and announcements and host them on your website. WebEasy does all the work for you automatically.

24. What browsers is WebEasy compatible with? WebEasy is compatible with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari; and with all mobile devices suchas but not limited to iPhone® and Smartphones optimized.

25. Can I add a language translator in WebEasy Version 10?

Yes, it is simple to do and free. You can make your website instantly available in 90+ languages thanks to Google Translator at https://translate.google.com/. Add the power of Google Translate’s automatic translations to your website. The free Website Translator plugin expands your global reach quickly and easily. Click on the Website Translator link at the bottom of the page and follow the simple directions.

26. What is new and improved with WebEasy Version 10?

1) NEW - Template Gallery (A completely redesigned website assistant that lets you browse and preview hundreds of cool designs directly in any browser)

2) NEW - Style Gallery (Hundreds of styles that add fonts, colors, links, backgrounds and more to any template in minutes)

3) NEW - Cutting-Edge Website Templates (Including restaurants, photography, wedding, construction, outdoors, products/services, medical, real estate, gardening and more)

4) IMPROVED - Google Maps (Easily one-step process adds Google Maps directly to your website. Makes it easy for visitors to find your store, office or other locations)

5) IMPROVED - Enhanced Workflow (Creating your website is simpler and more intuitive than ever) It is no wonder why Web Easy has been the #1 HTML Web Page Design Software for over 10 years in a row.

27. How do I build a website in WebEasy?


STEP 1.  Select a Website Template and Style.

STEP 2.  Edit Text and Customize anyway you want! STEP

STEP 3. Click Publish button and Your Website is Live on the Internet!

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